next nomadic events:

25 to 27 nov: local event @ FDUP.

The performance: Multiplicity and Constrasts – Measures between Bars

26 nov: local event @ ICBAS.

A colloquium around immunology and literature in the early twentieth century – Action 1 of Immunology, Views, Objects and More


28 nov: Macrovisões – 3rd session.

… and Design4Science at Reitoria – Átrio de Química – until 28 nov!


exhibition: Design4Science – associated program


A series of informal talks on visual representations in science – and on science and scientific knowledge production –, taking pieces in the exhibition Design4Science as starting point.


The cycle Macrovisões will open on November 4th, at 5pm, with an informal talk by Alexandre Quintanilha (ICBAS and IBMC-INEB, University of Porto).

Design4Sciencecurated by Shirley Wheeler (University of Sunderland, UK) – will be at Reitoria, Átrio de Química, until November 28th. [Tuesday to Saturday, 10am – 6pm.]

associated event

Next at the School of Dental Medicine:

3as Jornadas de Medicina e Artes do Espectáculo.

A celebration of the International Day of Music, October 1st.


new Nomadic event:


An artistic representation of the human karyotype: part of Nomadic.0910 local events.

An installation at the School of Pharmacy, on display until March 2010.

Associated events to be announced soon. Event archive here.


Artistic Project/ Installation
Acácio de Carvalho and Manuela Bronze
Elsa Bronze da Rocha

Scientific Background
The human karyotype reveals the set of metaphase chromosomes from each cell. Chromosomes contain the genes of each species and they are localized at the cell nucleus. the normal human karyotype contains 22 pairs of autosomal chromosomes and one pair of sex chromosomes. normal karyotype for females contains two X chromosomes (46,XX). Males have both an X and a Y chromosome (46,XY). The study of karyotype is possible by specific staining techniques, like chromosome painting, in both metaphase chromosomes and interphase nucleus, which allow the identification of normality and abnormalities caused by changes that lead to structural and numerical aberrations.


Acácio de Carvalho
Manuela Bronze
Elsa Bronze da Rocha
Francisco Carvalho
Isabel Bartolomeu
José Silva
Ricardo Silva
Sofia Pereira
Victor Silva

exhibiton: Design4Science – until Nov28

Reitoria, Átrio de Química. Tuesday to Saturday, 12 noon – 6pm.

Associated events (talks, guided tours) to be announced.

Stories of Art and Science and Morgan O´Hara lecture were both a great success – a full house, and an engaged audience.



Len Massey deconstructs the ideological issues behind electrography!



photography by Luís Barbosa.

general update

] Talk by Morgan O´Hara today (Friday), 2pm, at FBAUP.

] Stories of Art and Science – download the conference abstracts here.

] Exhibition: Design4Science at Reitoria.


LIVE TRANSMISSION: movement of the hands of pianist MARTHA ARGERICH performing Beethoven’s Piano Concerto No. 2 in B flat / Carnegie Hall / New York City / 3 March 2007.