events this week:

10+12 March: @ FAUP

Metamorphose by Rinus Roelofs – conference (10 March, at Auditório Fernando Távora, 6:30pm, free) + workshop (10 and 12 March).

11 March: screenlabs

fourth session of screenlabs – a selection of videos U.Frame –, with comment by Joana Miranda, at Passos Manuel, 9:30pm.


early March events:

1 to 5 March: @ ICBAS

Action 2 of Immunology, Views, Places and More – an exhibition, at Biblioteca de Química, 10am-6pm (monday 1-6pm) + colloquium/informal talk, on thursday, 4 March, 5pm.

4 March: screenlabs

third session of screenlabs, with comment by Eduardo Cintra Torres, at Passos Manuel, 9:30pm.

next events:

25 Feb: screenlabs

second session of screenlabs – a selection of animated films organized by Casa da Animação –, with comment by António Loja Neves, at Passos Manuel, 9:30pm.


25+26 Feb: @ FDUP

Multiplicity and Constrasts – Measures between Bars, by Sem Palco, at FDUP, 9pm.

and until 28 Feb:

exhibition Yuriy Pogorelov – A Retrospective, at Maus Hábitos; 27 Feb, 5pm – informal talk with the author.

a full week of events:

17 Feb: @ Maus Hábitos via FBAUP

homemvirus#5, at Maus Hábitos, 10pm.

18 Feb: @ MNSR via IBMC

Perturbations: roundtable Emotions, Pertubations and Art, at 6pm, opening of the video-installation Perturbations, at 7pm.

19 Feb: @ FADEUP

exhibition Artistas do Jogo: opening at 3:30pm.

and also 19 Feb: screenlabs

first session of screenlabs, with comment by David A. Kirby, at Passos Manuel, 6pm.

this week and until 28 Feb:

at Maus Hábitos, the Retrospective Yuriy Pogorelov.

starts Feb 19:

soon @ Maus Hábitos

homemvirus 3: restaurador.

participatory multimedia event.

3 Fev, 22h

live drawing, music, media

20 + 27 January  3 + 17 February

10pm onwards

all welcome.


Yuriy Pogorelov

A Retrospective

opened Saturday, 23 February, 6pm

you can visit the exhibition until 28 February

opening hours

Monday to Friday: 12:30 – 3pm

Wednesday to Saturday: 9:30pm – 2am

associated program here.

this thursday – time to utopia:

10 dec: local event @ FLUP.

An interactive installation and a colloquium on HumAnSTech: The Humanities, The Arts, Sciences & Technologies: The Utopian Vision of the Complete Human Being