A film cycle rehearsing a broad view of the many ways science has inspired film-makers. Films will be commented by experts in the respective fields of knowledge. Always at Passos Manuel.

Co-curated by David A. Kirby.


Feb 19, 6PM:

GATTACA (1997), directed by Andrew Niccol

comment by David A. Kirby.


Feb 25, 9:30PM:

Selection of animated films (in cooperation with Casa da Animação).

comment by António Loja Neves. 

SYNCHRONOFF (2006, 9’07), Catia Peres 

QUEST (1996, 12’), Tyron Montgomery

ORGANIC MACHINE (2008, 11’), Frédéric Ravach

CREATURE COMFORTS (1991, 5’13), Nick Park

458nm (2006, 7’), Jan Bitzer, Ilija Brunck, Tom Weber 

LIFE LINE (2007, 6’30), Tomek Ducki 

LA QUEUE DE LA SOURIS (2007, 4’10) Benjamín Renner 

A FILM ABOUT US (2005, 5’25) Pedro Lino 

AS MÁQUINAS DE MARIA (2003, 8’), Marta Madureira 

JOJO IN THE STARS (2003, 12’), Marc Craste 


March 4, 9:30PM:

I AM LEGEND (2007), directed by Francis Lawrence

comment by Eduardo Cintra Torres.


March 11, 9:30PM

Selection of films from U.Frame (2009)

comment by Joana Miranda.

ROENTGEN (fiction, 23:56), Michael Venus [Hamburg Media School, Filmwerkstatt – Germany]

SQUEEZED OUT OF BUSINESS (documentary, 09:20), Chithra Jeyaram [U.T. Austin – USA]

BARELY LEGAL (documentary, 09:00), Alfredo Lopez [U.T. Austin – USA]

THE COCKROACH PROJECT (documentary, 13:00), Ruth Fertig [U.T. Austin – USA]

WHALES OF GOLD (documentary, 38:30), Lucia Duncan [U.T. Austin – USA]

KRYM (fiction, 16:20), Christoph Heimer [Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg – Germany]

A TERRA A GASTAR (animation, 05:44), Cassia Itamoto, Celina Kurihara [Academia de Animação e Artes Digitais em São Paulo – Brasil]


March 18, 9:30PM

MARY SHELLEY´S FRANKENSTEIN (1994), directed by Kenneth Branagh

comment by António Roma Torres.