– 18 February to 25 April.

Local coordinators (IBMC): Sónia Martins and Júlio Borlido Santos.

A video-installation by Manuel Sarmento, opening February 18th as part of the exhibition Exuberâncias da Caixa Preta: A Propósito d’A Expressão das Emoções no Homem e nos Animais by Charles Darwin held at Museu Nacional de Soares dos Reis [17th December 2009 – 21st March 2010].

The main focus of this installation is the way in which psychoactive drugs affect emotions. The video presents a performance that comprises two main moments, inspired by António Soares dos Reis’ work “The Outcast” and Jacques-Louis David’s “The Death of Marat”; it is accompanied by an improvisation of cello solo by António Augusto Aguiar. The video lasts approximately seven minutes and will be shown in a continuous loop.

The video-installation was produced in partnership between IBMC-INEB, the artist Manuel Sarmento, and ESAD.

On opening day, the roundtable Emotions, Perturbations and Art will complement this initiative, presented as part of Nomadic.0910 – Meetings between Art and Science.


6pm. Emotions, Perturbations and Art: roundtable.

Invited speakers: Alexandre Quintanilha (IBMC.INEB; ICBAS), João Marques Teixeira (FPCEUP), Lúcia Almeida Matos (FBAUP), Teresa Summavielle (IBMC.INEB).

7pm. Perturbations: opening of the video-installation.