Immunology, Views, Objects and More

A series of two events dedicated to thinking about immunology and exploring its representations as well as specific material and visual cultures.

Local coordinators: Maria Strecht and Manuel Vilanova.

 Action 1.

– 26 November, 5:30pm, 


at Biblioteca de Química.

A colloquium on the presence of immunology in early twentieth century literature. Specifically, the event will focus on the texts: The Doctor’s Dilemma (George Bernard Shaw) and Arrowsmith (Sinclair Lewis). 

Invited speakers/discussants: Maria Manuel Araújo Jorge (FLUP), Paulo Eduardo Carvalho (FLUP), Maria de Sousa (ICBAS), Filomena Vasconcelos (FLUP), Artur Águas (ICBAS) and Alexandre Quintanilha (ICBAS).

Chairs: Raúl G. Saraiva – graduate student at FCUP-ICBAS – and Manuel Vilanova.

Readings by: Ana Catarina Ramalho, Liliana Sofia Ferreira, Tiago Filipe Moura – graduate students at FLUP – and Paulo Eduardo Carvalho.

Full program here.


 Action 2.

– 1-5 March 2010, 10am-6pm, at Biblioteca de Química.

An exhibition celebrating writing and drawing as basic tools in scientific practice. Particularly, it includes images from lab notebooks, as well as cartoons and diagrams that convey knowledge.

Jorge Carneiro is the author of the series of “immunocartoons” at the exhibition.

Luís Barbosa did the exhibited photographic work on lab notebooks.

On 4 March, 5pm, Paulo Vieira (Institut Pasteur, Paris), Margarida Lima (CHP and ICBAS) and Luís Baldaia (ICBAS) will conduct an informal talk evoking the memory of Mário Arala Chaves, former Professor of Immunology at ICBAS.