HumAnSTech – The Humanities, The Arts, Sciences & Technologies: The Utopian Vision of the Complete Human Being

– December 10, Part 1 – 10:30am (at Biblioteca), Part 2 – 3pm (at Anfiteatro Nobre)

Local coordinator: Filomena Vasconcelos.

Organizer: CETAPS (Centre for English, translation and Anglo-Portuguese Studies) – Fátima Vieira and Jorge Bastos da Silva.

The idea of a complete education of the human being, which articulates a humanistic and artistic education with scientific and technological knowledge, pervades utopian thought. However, the prevailing practice has been dominated by a one-dimensional concept of the human being. This activity consists of an interactive installation and a colloquium and and has granted the collaboration of researchers and students of Arts and Fine Arts of the University of Porto, as well as of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul.

Partners: Faculdade de Belas-Artes da Universidade do Porto and Universidade Federal de Rio Grande do Sul.


Part 1. “Bisturi” (FLUP) and “Projectos Vivos” (FBAUP); the poets: Ana Luísa Amaral (FLUP), Pedro Eiras (FLUP) and Vítor Oliveira Jorge (FLUP).

Part 2. Talks by Edson Sousa (Universidade Federal de Rio Grande do Sul), Paula Soares, Rui Ferro and Norberto Jorge (FBAUP), Jorge Bastos da Silva (FLUP) and Fátima Vieira (FLUP).