Magnificent Molecules

experiencing art in science

– 23 to 30 March

Local coordinator: Luís Calafate.

Organizer: Maria João Ramos.

Exhibition opening: 23 March, 5pm, at Sala de Exposições do Departamento de Química e Bioquímica.

The world around us is full of small and fascinating molecules, built to the nanoscale, capable of executing all tasks essential to life. These nanomolecules exist in all forms of life in general and their dimension varies between tenths and thousands of atoms, forming bizarre and complicated structures. This exhibition is about original images with strong visual impact, obtained from the 3D structures of these biological targets, linking art and science in a great mix able to be appreciated by all ages and publics. Be surprised! Come and find out how an enzyme can be beautiful and fall in love with Science…

Maria João Ramos