Conference and workshop by Rinus Roelofs [http://www.rinusroelofs.nl/].

Local coordinator: João Pedro Xavier.



– 1o March, 6:30pm at Auditório Fernando Távora.


– 10 March, 2-6pm + 12 March, 11am-1pm, 2:30-6:30pm at Sala 2.4, Torre E.

[Registration is required for attending the workshop. Further information at http://sigarra.up.pt/faup.] 


The subject of my work as a sculptor is my fascination for mathematics. And especially for mathematical structures. Often I am amazed about all the possibilities to create interesting structures out of simple basic shapes.

You can think of tilings, polyhedra or space frames.
Mathematics offers us many techniques to describe the possible structures, which can lead to a better understanding. Some of the mathematical techniques are also suitable to create new structures. For me the mathematical transformations are very important. Not only the geometrical transformations like translation, rotation and mirror image, but also transformations as inversion, complement and duality.

Some of them are also known in visual arts. You can think of complementary colors or of shape and rest shape. And for instance when we think about prespective, to take another point of view is also a kind of transformation.

The many different kinds of transformation that mathematics offer us are now my main tools to develop my own ideas about structures. The process that leads from fascination to understanding often offers me ideas for sculptures. Sculptures in which I try to express this fascination.

So my work can be described as art about mathematics, rather then as mathematical art.

In my presentation I will try to illustrate this.

Rinus Roelofs