Local Events

Local events occur at various schools and institutes of the University of Porto, and are coordinated by a team of local representatives. These run from September 2009 to March 2010.

Nomadic.0910 local events aim at focusing on particular aspects of the overall challenge of interweaving Art and Science. Various researchers and academics have been invited to translate these into specific projects that question general assumptions regarding traditional borders of knowledge. Thus these projects attempt to expand their own fields of operation, developing experimental research models in the process. Therefore, the sum of these local initiatives is itself experimental by nature, a live brainstorming that invites discussion, participation, intellectual debate, and innovative artistic and scientific practice.


Local representatives are themselves engaged in collective work throughout the cycle of events; regular meetings and workshops foster new ideas and open up possibilities.


Now on display:

OPITÓI-RAC. An installation @ FFUP.

event archive here.



Events to follow include:

Dental Medicine + Arts (s) @ FMDUP.

[Action 1, 1 October 2009; Action 2, opening 24 March 2010]


Scientific Research and the Ethical Constraint @ IPATIMUP [+IF].

[16 November 2009]


Multiplicity and Constrasts – Measures between Bars @ FDUP.

[25-27 November 2009 + 25-26 February 2010]


Immunology, Views, Places, Objects and More @ ICBAS.

[Action 1, 26 November 2009; Action 2, 1-5 March 2010]


HumAnSTech – The Humanities, The Arts, Sciences & Technologies: The Utopian Vision of the Complete Human Being @ FLUP.

[10 December 2009]


I Am Science @ INESC Porto [+FBAUP].

[Art and Science Residency, 2 December 2009 to 31 January 2010; Exhibition I AM SCIENCE, dates soon]


homemvirus @ Maus Hábitos via FBAUP.

[Live drawing, music, media. 20 + 27 January  3 + 17 February, 10pm onwards]


Perturbations @ MNSR via IBMC.

[Video-installation, 18 February – 25 April 2010, + Roundtable, 18 February 2010]


Artistas do Jogo @ FADEUP.

[19 February – 26 March 2010]


Metamorphose @ FAUP.

[Conference, 10 March 2010; Workshop, 10, 12 March 2010]


Magnificent Molecules @ FCUP.

[23-30 March 2010]