About Nomadic.0910


[Ongoing conceptual map of connections within local events. Network visualization generated with Pajek.]


Nomadic.0910 is an initiative of the University of Porto, that will explore the many possibilities of interdisciplinarity offered by various University resources: schools, courses, research institutes, projects.

These will be brainstorming throughout the year, and will surface at different times and spaces. From performances to exhibitons, from conferences to competitions. The program will be made public as it develops.

The question of the relationships between art and science is one of the most charged issues among the production of knowledge. There are narratives of convergence, which ultimately affirm that art and science are one and the same: ways of understanding the world. And there are the narratives of separation, postulating that art and science are two distinct ways of producing worlds, to a level in which the worlds they produce do not intersect.

Inbetween these extreme viewpoints, we find a third way that is worth exploring. This third way believes in the advantage of territorial miscegenation, and believes that the circulation among the universes of art and science, far from deforming them, will enrich both.

Nomadic.0910 is a project of multiple events exploring art and science. It is anchored on the idea of circulating on a two-way road, exploring this fundamental, reciprocal question:
How does science benefit when placed in artistic territories?
How does art benefit when it rehearses itself as science?

Nomadic.0910 develops its exploratory paths among the geography of University of Porto, both on a physical, tangible level and on its conceptual and operative levels. A map of the city will become a template for a map of knowledge and action – yet this map is speculative. We propose to experiment with hybrid processes, crossroads of disciplines where aesthetic perception and scientific knowledge meet. The outcomes of these processes may become site-specific interventions, performances, books, conferences, or scientific articles.

We therefore propose a nomadic experiment, a stroll through places of knowledge.

Nomadic.0910 will include several key events where all areas explored will convene; some of these activities will be local interventions, produced by the University’s various Schools, exploring the overall subject from the perspective of their own areas of expertise.