postnomads: I AM SCIENCE @ INESC Porto

I AM SCIENCE, the Nomadic-Master of Image Design residency at INESC Porto, begun in December, will present its results at INESC Porto April 16 -30. Details here.


images from closing conference

Manuel Heitor and Jeff Ferrell discuss being a nomad.

images from the closing concert

24 March @ FMDUP

Join us @ Reitoria for the closing of NOMADIC.0910

March 25:

2:30PM closing conference: VISUALIZATIONS


Laura Malacart

Julie Sommerlund

João Cruz

Eduardo Cintra Torres

keynote: Olga Pombo

6:30PM exhibition opening:

boilingpoint – a nomadic retrospective

Reitoria da Universidade do Porto: Praça Gomes Teixeira.

Daniel Pires, Anselmo Canha, Jeff Ferrell and Laura Malacart celebrate in style!

closing events:

Constructions, Deviations, Visualizations

24 + 25 March at FBAUP and Reitoria

Associated Program: Concert at FMDUP + boilingpoint: a nomadic retrospective at Galeria dos Leões.


before closing events:

23 March: @ FCUP

opening of the exhibition Magnificent Molecules, at sala de Exposições do Departamento de Química e Bioquímica, 5pm.

24 March: @ FMDUP

opening of the exhibition Oro-Facial Identities, organized in partnership with ESMAE.

this thursday:

18 March: screenlabs

fifth (and last) session of screenlabs, with comment by António Roma Torres, at Passos Manuel, 9:30pm.

events this week:

10+12 March: @ FAUP

Metamorphose by Rinus Roelofs – conference (10 March, at Auditório Fernando Távora, 6:30pm, free) + workshop (10 and 12 March).

11 March: screenlabs

fourth session of screenlabs – a selection of videos U.Frame –, with comment by Joana Miranda, at Passos Manuel, 9:30pm.

early March events:

1 to 5 March: @ ICBAS

Action 2 of Immunology, Views, Places and More – an exhibition, at Biblioteca de Química, 10am-6pm (monday 1-6pm) + colloquium/informal talk, on thursday, 4 March, 5pm.

4 March: screenlabs

third session of screenlabs, with comment by Eduardo Cintra Torres, at Passos Manuel, 9:30pm.

next events:

25 Feb: screenlabs

second session of screenlabs – a selection of animated films organized by Casa da Animação –, with comment by António Loja Neves, at Passos Manuel, 9:30pm.


25+26 Feb: @ FDUP

Multiplicity and Constrasts – Measures between Bars, by Sem Palco, at FDUP, 9pm.

and until 28 Feb:

exhibition Yuriy Pogorelov – A Retrospective, at Maus Hábitos; 27 Feb, 5pm – informal talk with the author.